Best Carpal Tunnel Brace For Sleeping

Best Carpal Tunnel Brace For Sleeping

It is annoying and painful if you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and especially at night when the pain is worst. It can take away your good night sleep. If you have consulted a Physician or Physical Therapist, they might have prescribed and recommended wearing a wrist brace. But, with thousands of different brands and types, it is often overwhelming to decide which one is the best and which provides the best support to get rid of the wrist pain. Well, this article will guide you to find the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping.

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With affordable price, great comfort, and the best supporting system, we won’t hesitate to recommend to anyone with this brand.


Carpal Tunnel Symptoms/ Syndromes was first described by Sir James Paget in 1854, but Moerisch coined the term. It is one of the most common causes of wrist pain and sometimes it is accompanied by tingling, numbness, and paraesthesia.


A tunnel is formed by the osseous arch (Carpal Bones) on the floor and Transverse Carpal Ligament on the roof in our wrist. Through that tunnel, Muscle tendons of our hand and the Median nerves pass through the tunnel.

Any compression or inflammation of the structures of the wrist causes carpal tunnel syndromes.


When the underlying structures of the wrist get misaligned or inflamed, it causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It impinges the median nerves and other structures present in the wrist.

Arthritis, Endocrine disease, Gout, post fracture and contusion, Pregnancy and repeated use of wrist in extended or flexed positions are some of the common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Stage 1: In this stage, pain is usually the presenting complaint, and the patient complains of characteristic discomfort in hand, but there is no precise localization to the median nerve. There may be a history of morning stiffness in hand.
  • Stage 2: In this stage, symptoms of tingling and numbness, pain, paraesthesia, etc. are localized to areas supplied by the median nerve.
  • Stage 3: Here the patient complains of clumsiness in hand and impairment of digital function, etc.
  • Stage 4: In this stage sensory loss in the median nerve distribution area can be elicited and there is obvious wasting of the thenar eminence. You may even drop things out of your hands due to weakened muscles.

How can wrist brace help?

Along with the brace, your Doctor may recommend other treatments such as Massage, Physical Therapy exercises, and pain killers.

Wrist movements such as flexion and extension increases the pain, and it causes further inflammation and misalignment of the wrist structures. And especially at night, the pain is at extreme level because we tend to sleep with a wrist in either flexed or extended position.

Therefore the splint or wrist brace blocks the movements of the wrist, or it immobilizes the wrist joints. Thus it helps in keeping the wrist in neutral position helping to get rid of pain.

When do you need wrist brace?

In most of the cases, your Family Physician or a Physiotherapist will advise you to wear a brace. However, as it does not involve any drugs or medicine, it does not have any side effects, and you can try wearing one without any prescriptions.

Whether you are having a sustained pain your wrist, feeling numbness and clumsiness, weakness and often drops things from your hand, you can consider wearing a wrist brace. It will be of great help and can help you to get rid of wrist pain and gain the strength. Especially if you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a wrist brace at night can make a huge difference.

Things to consider when choosing a wrist brace.

1. Materials

With thousands of manufacturer around the World, the quality or the type of material used differs. Some company with a focus on making the product cheaper, they tend to use poor quality materials. But the problem is, it gets break down after wearing for few days or it loses its shape and effectiveness that the wrist requires for support.

So always make sure that you choose a wrist brace made up of good quality materials.

2. Size

In most of the cases, it comes with only one standard size. It does fit all. However, if your wrist or hand is extremely large or small, you would require extra caution while choosing the size of the brace for carpal tunnel.

3. Level of support

Make sure that your wrist stays in a neutral position after wearing a brace. The neutral position of the wrist is when your wrist is neither flexed nor extended, it is in the straight position and does not compress or stretches any components of the Carpal tunnel in the wrist.

4. Fitting

You need to check whether there are enough straps so that it can be perfectly tightened to support your wrist. Either loose or tight fittings cannot provide proper wrist support which can help in getting rid of carpal tunnel.

The curves of the brace, straps, and support should be perfectly fitted according to the shape of the wrist.

5. Cost

You can go for higher prices if you have a good budget, as higher price always means better quality and support for the wrist. But it does not mean, the cheaper ones will work less.

Both the braces despite prices, it will work for your wrist pain. So it is in your hand, and according to your budget that you can opt for different types of the brace.


best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping

1. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace

The Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace can fit into both slender hands or the large hands as it comes in two sizes, which is Small/Medium (5”-8”) and Large/Extra Large (8”-10”).

It provides full support to the wrist, and it does not restrict the movement of the thumb and fingers. This feature allows you to work comfortably with your regular routine works, computer, and even driving.

Therefore, with the same splint you can use it during day or at night while sleeping.

11,335 Reviews
The materials used in this brace are non-petroleum based materials, which are highly durable, comfortable and soft. The materials are treated with Antimicrobial that controls the foul odor from perspiration or sweating.

It has two adjustable straps, which can be tightened accordingly to the hand size to ensure that it fits perfectly and provide great support.

With the help of the Velcro straps, it is easy to wear and easy to remove.

It also has two supportive stays, where the strap goes in into it which keeps the brace firm and provide maximum support to the wrist.

The brace is weighted 3 ounces, and wearing one is unnoticeable due to its lightweight, and you can sleep comfortably putting it on.

The dimensions of the brace are 3 x 2 x 0.1 inches which can cover your wrist, upper forearm, and hands providing perfect support to ease the wrist pain.

It also has a curved metallic splint on Palmer side. The splint helps the wrist to maintain in a neutral position. The metallic splint is too strong that it can hold the neutral wrist position even if you work. Some even claim that they use when they do Kung Fu.

It is washable, but to avoid the damage, make sure to use only a small amount of detergent and cold water. The dirt will go off easily, and you can keep the Mueller’s wrist brace clean. And yeah, you can wash in machine as well and it does not cause any damage.

Along with carpal tunnel syndrome management, it also works best on wrist sprain/ strain and injuries around the wrist. So if you are looking forward to managing different types of wrist pain, then this brace is the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping.


  • Great comfort
  • Ease wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Great quality materials
  • Easy Adjustable
  • Great level of support
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Splint to keep the wrist in neutral position


  • Does not fit on both hands, left and right needs to bought separately. 

2. ​Aid-Brace Night Wrist Support

It is important for the wrist to be positioned in a neutral position while using to get the maximum effects.

Therefore, this brace comes in our 2nd position as it provides maximum support to the wrist to maintain in a neutral position and helps in relieving wrist pain.

The materials used for cushioning is soft. And it is designed and placed inside the brace to help relieve wrist Pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The inner cushion also provides nice and adequate support to the palm.

AidBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support
1,071 Reviews
AidBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support
Whether you have pain on right or left hand, it does not matter because it can fit in both of your hands. You just need to overturn the brace to fit on the other hand. Which means you don’t have to purchase again if you suffer again with the wrist pain in future on the other hand.

It is fully adjustable that it can fit in any size of your hand. You just need to loosen the straps to make it fit in larger hands, and tighten the straps to fit in smaller hands.

On the anterior part of the brace a metallic splint is used, which fully blocks the wrist movement to give maximum support. Therefore whether you use the splint when you sleep at night or when you work with your regular routines, it prevents the wrist to go into extension or flexion. And it helps in managing the wrist pain at night or from your regular routines. You can remove the metallic splint if you do not require extreme support, and it can be done easily by yourself.

The materials are soft and breathable, which provides the ultimate comfort. And most interestingly, you can wash the brace in the machine without worrying at all. Some users claim that they have done it and had no damage to the product at all.

Length of the brace is 10 ½“, and it covers the whole length of the arms, wrist, and hands. Which means, in addition to wrist support, it also provides support to forearms and hands. This feature gives extra advantages in speedy recovery of the wrist pain.

The weight of this Brace for Carpal Tunnel is only 10.6 ounces.

The AidBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace is also used for treating other causes of pain. And some of the conditions are carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis. It also helps in supporting the weakened wrist from the Post Cast used by Ortho-Surgeon in treating fractures in the wrist.

The manufacturer, AIDBRACE offers 100% money back guarantee that this brace is of high quality, ease the pain, speed up the recovery and provides 100% satisfaction and comfort.


  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Cushion and Padding for Palm Support
  • Ease Pain in minutes
  • Maximum Support
  • Breathable and soft materials
  • Easy Adjustable
  • Recommended by Physical Therapist


  • Bulky due to luxurious and generous cushions.

3. ​Wellgate for Women PerfectFit

In our 3rd list on Best Carpal Tunnel Brace for sleeping, there is nothing comparable at the moment to the Wellgate for Women Perfectfit wrist support. With its stylish looks and design.

I can guarantee that you will love it, especially if you are a woman. And it’s primary focus is for women users.

With its adjustable features, it can easily fit in spite of any size of the hand.

If you are suffering from wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel, wrist pain, and strain, then this brace is a perfect choice.

Wellgate for Women, PerfectFit...
2,349 Reviews
Wellgate for Women, PerfectFit...
It provides the soothing and intensive comfort from the super-soft fabrics and a memory foam. It is designed to fit in any size of the hand, and it can easily go into the women’s clothing. Which means, it is thin enough that you can wear and hide under the clothes.

You can wear this brace when you work on computers or do daily activities, and while sleeping. It is comfortable enough that it won’t matter at which time of the day you wear.

The brace is lightweight and materials used is breathable.

The weight is 2.4 ounces and the length of the brace is 7 x 5.2 x 3.7 inches, which means it can cover your hand properly to get the maximum support.

Without any disturbance, you can wear the brace at night, and it won’t bother you at all. Not only that, but you can also wear when you work, play and do household activities.

It comes in two-sided braces, which means you will need to order according to your painful wrist and need to order both or the other side if you get your other side of the wrist injury.

This wrist brace also has two adjustable straps and support points, which makes the brace fully adjustable and is of great comfort.

The brace comes in with only one size and only for the right hand. So before purchasing one, ensure that you check all the measurements of you and compare it with the size of the brace. Otherwise, it will be a great problem if you have ordered this product and your left hand is injured, not the right hand.

It is also made up of breathable materials with adequate porous so that it can manage the perspiration and odd odor smell from the wrist brace.

With that wrist brace on, you can write, use computers, play sports, and do physical exercises comfortable and without any restrictions on the fingers and hand movement.

This brace has two splints, which allows receiving extra support for the wrist in managing the carpal tunnel syndrome.

 So don’t hesitate to go on with and purchase this brace from


  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stylish Looks
  • Easy Adjustable
  • Eases pain instantly
  • Designed purely for woman wear
  • Can be worn while you work or while you sleep


  • Left and right comes separately and need to buy separately

4. ​Comfy Brace Wrist Support

Finally, we have voted Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace by Comfy Brace.

We have rated this brace on our list due to its support level, comfort, and material used.

Moreover, this brace is specially designed to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome at night.

With the same brace, it can fit on your both hands, which is money saving if you happen to use the same brace on your other hand in some other time or interchangeably.

Night Wrist Sleep Support...
6,609 Reviews
Night Wrist Sleep Support...
With 3 straps beautifully positioned and placed, it makes the adjusting level very easy. Just tighten up the straps if you require tight support and if you have a smaller hand. Or in the other way round, you can loosen up the straps if you require light support and if you have large hands. With the matter of tightening and loosening, you can adjust accordingly, and it fits anyone.

The Comfy Brace wrist support is designed and made by keeping comfort in the mind of the manufacturer Engineers. With the luxurious cushion padded inside and materials used gives the soothing effects and comfort to the painful wrist.

The materials used are durable, breathable and washable. Importantly, the clothes are porous, and it prevents perspiration so that your hands are free of sweat and foul smell.

The metallic splint is planted beautifully on the anterior part of the brace. This splint gives the right amount of support that is needed to keep the wrist in neutral position and to get rid of wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.

The weight of the brace is 4.3 ounces, and its length is 10 ½”, marking as most lightest in the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping list.

Whether you are looking forward to getting rid of pain from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, wrist injury, post fractures, strains and sprains, contusion, arthritis, and tendonitis, this brace is what you need. It can help you in getting rid of any kinds of wrist pain.

You can use the brace at work, in office, while using a computer, or when you sleep at night, and you won’t even notice that you are wearing one due to its comfort.

In a matter of seconds, you can easily slide your hand inside and wear the brace without any trouble and hassle. I mean this brace is easy to put on.

Though it cost more than the other similar products, you won’t regret it, I promise. It comes with great quality, speeds up the recovery instantly, easy fitting, and gives great support. Well, what do we need more than that?

So if you want to wake up next day without any numbness, tingling sensation and weakness of the wrist, then this brace is all you need.


  • 3 straps system for easy adjustment
  • Silky and soothing materials used
  • Metallic splint to give great comfort and support
  • Can be used in either hand
  • Helps in getting rid of wrist pain instantly
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • Thick Padding, may not feel comfortable but reducable.


Our Verdict

We have given our best time, gone thoroughly and tested every Carpal Tunnel Braces and finally presented you the best of the best. So, we hope this guide has helped you to find the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping.

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